Have questions about Alpine Party Rental's products or services? Find your answers here on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Does Alpine Party Rentals provide wedding/event coordination services?

Yes and no. We will provide you with our expertise to guide you in your selection of our rental products and services to fit the location of your choice. We will provide necessary rentals for your caterer, florist, and band, but we will not coordinate between all of these entities. Alpine will set tents, heating, lighting, dance floors, stages and a few other items. However, APR will not set chairs, tables, linens, and service items.

Why can’t I just rent the exact number of glasses, plates, or flatware that I need?

We rent these items in pack or rack quantities because of storage and ease of delivery. If we break quantities it is impossible for us to keep an accurate inventory upon delivery, pick up, and storage of the items.

Do I need to wash rental items?

No, but you do need to remove any food or beverages from the item. We request that you rinse any items but it will receive a thorough wash and inspection when it arrives at our warehouse.

Does Alpine have linens to fit all size tables?

We have round, rectangular, and square linens. Let us know the table size and we help you to choose the appropriate sized linen.

Do you rent portable restrooms/trailers?

No, but we would suggest calling Going in Style at 970-250-3896.

If you don’t have what I am looking for, can you find it?

The staff at Alpine Party Rentals will do their best to locate the items you request. Please be aware that if an item is not in our regular inventory, there may be additional fees involved in acquiring specialty pieces.

Do you have a showroom where I can look at your inventory?

Alpine Party Rentals’ inventory is available for viewing at our warehouse facility located in Gypsum, Colorado. If you are unable to make it to our office, it is possible for us to bring some of our items to you for viewing. Please call our office to set up an appointment to come out to our warehouse or schedule us to come to you.

Can I rent the tent from you and set it up myself?

Our 10’ x 10’ “pop up” tents can be installed by our customers. The rest of our frame and tension tents need to be installed by our professional installation crews who are trained to safely and securely set our tents in most locations.

Can I pick up rental equipment instead of having it delivered?

Of course! With the exception of items that need professional installation, all of our equipment may be picked up at our Gypsum, Colorado warehouse for your use. This is especially convenient for last minute orders and will save you any applicable delivery fees.

What happens if I lose or break a rental item?

Alpine Party Rentals requires all rental items to be returned in working order on the specified return date. In the event that an item is lost, Alpine will allow a period of time for the item to be recovered. If the item can not be found, or it is broken, the customer will be charged a replacement fee for the lost or broken item. Please keep in mind, if at a later time, you find the lost item, please return it to us and we may be able to refund the lost item charge.

Click here to download Alpine Party Rental's Terms and Conditions of Rental (pdf 37k).

Can I use propane heaters or cooking equipment inside my tent?

Unfortunately, no. Items requiring propane must be used outdoors to comply with local and federal safety regulations. In addition, cooking equipment can cause discoloration and even damage to the tent canopies, which are expensive to fix or replace.

Can I bring my empty propane tanks to you to refill?

Alpine does not have a retail propane sales license so we are unable to fill propane tanks that do not belong to us. Sorry!

I see your trucks everywhere, can I borrow one to help me move?

Sorry, but our insurance does not allow for non-employees to drive our vehicles.

Do you rent inflatables for kid’s birthday parties?

Yes! We do! You can find our bounce castles on our Inflatables page.

Can I specify a delivery and pick up time for my rentals?

We will try to accommodate you the best way we can. Please keep in mind that we start the day with a full truck and then do pick ups after the deliveries are complete. During busy seasons we have many deliveries and pickups to perform each day and it is difficult to deliver every customer’s order at 9 on Saturday morning, so please bear with us and we will do our best to get your order to you at a specified time. Typically we offer a 2 hour window of time on deliveries.

Will you instruct me how to use all of the equipment I rent?

We will be happy to instruct you on the use of our equipment. Many of our rental items also include instructions for ease of use. Please keep in mind that in order for us to teach you how to use the equipment you will need to be present at the time of delivery. All tent rentals require a customer to be present so they can go over and sign off on our tent checklist.

Do I need a credit card to rent equipment?

If you are not a customer with billing terms, then yes, you do need a credit card to rent equipment. If you would like, we can hold the credit card as a guarantee and you can pay with cash or check when you return the items, but we do need a payment guarantee on all rentals.

Click here to download Alpine Party Rental's Terms and Conditions of Rental which includes Payment Terms (pdf 37k).

If I rent an item from you and do not use it, do I still get charged?

Yes, you do. When a customer rents an item from us, it removes that item from our inventory, and therefore making it unavailable for us to rent to another customer. For any other questions like this one, please refer to our rental contract.

Click here to download Alpine Party Rental's Terms and Conditions of Rental (pdf 37k).

What do I do if an item I rent from you doesn’t work?

At Alpine, we go to great lengths to make sure all of our equipment is in working order before it gets to you. In the event that this happens, (and we sincerely hope it doesn’t) please call us immediately so we can either fix or replace the item as soon as possible. Alpine has implemented a test tag system for all items that run on electricity or propane. Each of these items should have a green “tested” tag attached to it with the date the item was tested as well as the name of the person who tested it.

My Non-Profit is holding an event, will you give me a free tent?

Unfortunately, No. Tent rental is a very labor intensive process. If your organization wishes to be considered for a charitable donation, please fill out Our Donation/Sponsorship form and fax it back to our office at 970-328-7117. Once we receive the completed form, we will review the request and our charitable donation budget. Please be aware that because of the nature of our business, we are always being asked to discount or donate our services, so we are forced to put budgetary restrictions on our donations.

Click here to download Alpine Party Rental's Donation Request Form (pdf 36k).